The last two years, in District 88, we have been under a “culture of death” with Rep. Maxmin. She voted for taxpayer-funded abortion and physician-assisted suicide. Mike Lemelin is running for this seat and values human life.

Mike was a commercial pilot but resigned to care for his disabled son. To make up the needed income, he started running two businesses. One is as office manager for his wife’s chiropractic business. He worked so well caring for his son that the now young adult is gainfully employed. Mike worked on state regulations concerning the disabled. Recently, Mike has been serving on Chelsea’s planning board and the Regional School Unit 12 school board.

Other candidates voice what they plan to do, but Mike is able to tell you what has been successfully accomplished and ready to do Day 1. Vote Mike Lemelin on Nov. 3. He will ably represent, just like Sanderson did.


Albert R. Boynton


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