What one looks for in an elected official is attention to the day-to-day problems of constituents. State Rep. Charlotte Warren responds immediately to constituents from West Gardiner, Farmingdale, and Hallowell, listens carefully, and acts swiftly.

But one also wants an elected official to be able to look ahead, to have vision. Here Charlotte also excels. She is helping constituents who want to see an extended bike/running/walking trail along the Kennebec River from Augusta to Brunswick. It’s called the Merrymeeting Trail. Warren has submitted legislation which will enable municipalities along the route to decide if this is what they want to do, and to work with the Maine Department of Transportation to accommodate all interests in the process.

Charlotte Warren deserves the support of voters for a new term; and for that matter, she deserves the vote of fellow legislators to be speaker of the House.


Frank O’Hara


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