I am voting for Allison Hepler for her sponsorship and passage of L.D. 297, An Act to Strengthen Brain Injury Resources for Underserved Populations Including Opioid Brain Injury Survivors.

Both Allison and I have lived through the impact of brain injuries on our family. My son recovered from a life-threatening brain injury. Allison’s first husband died from a traumatic brain injury from a workplace fall.

As a member of the Brain Injury Association of America – Maine Chapter, I recognize the importance of this bill in securing services for people who lack health care and supports. Its emphasis on intervention and treatment of brain injury and opioid use has been groundbreaking.

I will be casting my vote for Allison because I know that Allison is making a difference. She cares about the welfare of the people of Maine and does something about it.

Richard M. Brown

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