Life Scout Stephen Labbe of Augusta Troop 603, presented 13 bench tables to Cony High School at the end of September for an outdoor classroom, according to a news release from Chuck Mahaleris, a member of the Kennebec Valley District Scouting Committee.

Life Scout Stephen Labbe Photo courtesy of Kennebec Valley District Scouting Committee

The Eagle Scout project is considered to be the most challenging part of Scouting. The purpose of the project is: To give the Scout an opportunity to “plan, develop, and give leadership to others,” as noted in the requirement, according to the release. Eagle Scout projects are evaluated on the benefit to the organization being served and on the leadership provided by the candidate. There must also be evidence of organized planning and development.

During these COVID-19 times, many schools are finding it useful to have as many classrooms and activities outside.

According to the release, Labbe led five adults and two Scouts to construct bench tables for the Cony Middle and High School. Labbe graduated this spring from Cony and wanted to give back to his alma mater.

Students and teachers have already put the bench tables to use. “Students will enjoy these benches for years to come!” Cony posted on its Facebook page.

The project was the final requirement needed and once approved, Labbe will come before an Eagle Scout Board of Review to evaluate his Scouting career.

Labbe has been working full-time since graduation and turned 18 on Oct. 9.