It is obvious that any American who cares about this country will vote to remove Donald Trump from the White House. A man without a shred of honor or common decency, Trump disgraces his office and our country with his every word and deed.

Trump’s enablers in the Republican Party are irretrievably tarnished by their support for a would-be dictator. We must ensure that they are not allowed to control the Senate. That makes the race between Susan Collins and Sara Gideon an easy call.

If you support Trump and favor a Senate led by “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, vote for Collins.

If you don’t want four more years of Trump’s rage and deceit, if you don’t want McConnell to control the Senate under a Biden presidency, vote for Gideon.

Don’t fall for the Collins is “bipartisan” propaganda. In the end, she’ll side with Trump and McConnell. It’s an easy call.

John R. Merrill

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