Thanks to ranked-choice voting, my No. 1 pick for the U.S. Senate is independent candidate Lisa Savage. I share Lisa’s priorities of people, planet and peace. With Lisa in the Senate, we know she will always remain faithful to the things Maine people hold dear. She will advocate for smart, common sense approaches to climate change creating good-paying jobs.

As a teacher of 25 years, Savage will advocate for high-quality education, health care for all, and other policies that support families. Redirecting tax dollars away from unnecessary military spending as well as repealing tax break for the wealthiest will provide the funding for these initiatives that create real security.

Sara Gideon is my No. 2 choice because one thing is for sure — it’s time for Susan Collins to retire. Her inability to sincerely challenge the current president on so many critical issues shows that she no longer represents Maine values.


Christina Rusnov


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