It’s great that Chloe Maxmin is running for Senate District 13 while currently serving as District 88 representative. I always thought she’d keep moving on up.

It’s a sign of Chloe’s character that she and her team called 13,500 senior citizens during the spring pandemic surge, offering rides for physician visits and prescription pickups.

I’ve found Chloe to be open minded. If we disagree on a policy and I send her information, she always reads it and responds thoughtfully regardless of whether it changes her position. In an era of divisive ideology, this is the mindset we need.

Chloe understands the critical actions needed to limit climate change, starting early as at Lincoln Academy forming the Climate Action Club. Soon she will discuss the required actions with Maine environmental organizations.

Please vote for Chloe Maxmin for atate Senate.


Tony Marple


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