We all see it. National politicians try to drive a wedge between Americans. They make false allegations about any one or any group who oppose their self-proclaimed righteousness.

We can bring back a united America by voting for truth, compassion and inclusion. We can vote for national, state and city people with integrity.

For those reasons I’m voting for Phil Bofia for mayor of Waterville. Phil embodies what’s good about our city. He stands for the betterment of you and your neighbors. He’s been involved with Habitat for Humanity, the Rotary Club, Waterville’s City Council, downtown business groups, and the 2020 census, statewide.

Phil supports solar power projects, which improve our environment and the city’s economic bottom line. After buying his Waterville home, he installed solar panels on his roof, a heat pump in his living room, and a high-efficiency heat pump water heater.

Phil Bofia is a man of his word.


Keith F. Beal


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