Out of the Blue Live Stream Series with Mike Effenberger will begin at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 24.
Blue, at 650A Congress St. in Portland, will host this live stream on its Facebook page.
Effenberger is a pianist who formed and heads the group, Weird Turn Pro. Their name is a nod to Hunter S. Thompson who, among many things, saw the value in both chaos and process. Those two forces are alternately employed or yielded to by WTP as they create music that is both like water eroding granite over the millennia or the momentary flicker of an open flame.
Leaning heavily on improvisation, compositions not only afford opportunities for each member of the ensemble to improvise freely, but require the ensemble to constantly shift and re-interpret the when, how, and why of melody and form. Band leader/composer, Effenberger, organizes sound in a uniquely personal way; informed by classical and jazz traditions yet staking a claim in the world of modern minimalism.
For more information, visit Portcityblue.com.
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