I haven’t known Hallowell for long, but I was quick to recognize it as a special community. It’s visible in the murals around town, in the rainbow-colored chairs and steps by the waterfront, in the convivial outdoor dining at local restaurants, and in the friendliness of those I pass by in Vaughan Woods. It’s also visible in the multitude of yard signs, proudly proclaiming the people of Hallowell as engaged citizens, concerned with the betterment of their community.

In the time I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Maureen AuCoin, I’ve come to understand that she truly embodies these best parts of Hallowell. She not only has the spirit, the kindness, and the pride, but also the drive to engage, to help, and to better the community.

These days, Hallowell needs to connect and lead with its essence more than ever. Maureen AuCoin embodies that essence. Vote Mo for mayor.


Nicholas Parker


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