Students from Forest Hills High School in Jackman recently were invited to participate in a nation-wide Qblitz Rookie Challenge Trivia Tournament, hosted by International Quiz Bowl, LLC. Because of pandemic conditions, the Oct. 17 contest was held in an online platform.

For those familiar with Maine Public Television’s High School Quiz Show programming, the Qblitz Rookie Challenge is similar to those events and consists of 60 questions, covering subjects of science, history, literature, fine arts, religion, philosophy, mythology, social sciences, pop culture, current events and geography.

Forest Hills entered a team of three students, Brody Hale, a junior; Christopher Somerset, a junior; and Leo Campbell, a freshman.

The boys had an impressive showing, placing 12th (and missed being placed in the Top 10 by only two questions).

The trio will advance to the next round of the Qblitz Rookie Challenge Trivia Tournament set for Nov. 14.