A Maine nonprofit is helping families face the loss of a child in a very personal way. The organization, Madeline’s Mission, was created to help families cope. Earlier this month, they made a special delivery to Northern Light Inland Hospital, a Cuddle Cot Bassinet, which can help grieving families, according to a news release from the Waterville hospital.

A Cuddle Cot is a specialized crib that has a cooled mattress pad, which allows families to spend more time with their infant in their hospital room after a loss. This allows time for bonding and saying goodbye. Without the availability of a Cuddle Cot, families are forced to have a quicker goodbye. Studies have shown that the extra time together is beneficial for the mental health of the parents and surviving loved ones.

“We’d like to thank Madeline’s Mission for their thoughtful donation and for being there to support grieving families,” said Courtney Cook, RN, director of Birthing at Inland Hospital in Waterville, according to the release. “This special bassinet can help provide more precious time for moms and dads to spend time with their babies who have passed; time to experience a loving goodbye.”

“It’s a somewhat taboo topic in that no one wants to talk about surviving the unthinkable loss of a child,” said Marzen, president of Madeline’s Mission and mother of the nonprofit’s namesake, Madeline, according to the release. Madeline passed away at the age of 4 after a two-month battle against a brain tumor. “However, whether it is discussed or not, child loss does happen and there needs to be support in place to lift families during their darkest hours, especially after life returns to an unsettling ‘new normal’. We hope to be able to provide some hope and comfort to these families and let them know they’re not alone — and are always loved.”

Madeline’s Mission also donated a Cuddle Cot to Lincoln Health (Miles) in Damariscotta, according to a separate release from the Marzen.

Madeline’s Mission is fundraising so they can offer a Cuddle Cot to every Maine hospital. Many donate in memory of babies or young children gone too soon.

Madeline’s Mission strives to be a navigational resource to help people get the healing support that they need following a loss.

For more information, visit madelinemission.org.

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