On Election Day Nov. 3 at the polls in Bowdoinham, a Sagadahoc County deputy was present to monitor traffic, parking, and to inform the poll workers he would be in town all day if they needed support. He was approached and told to leave because he was making people uncomfortable. Being an old timer, my first thought was, what felonies had these people committed to be made uncomfortable by law enforcement? I may be a little slow but I figured it out and this is unacceptable.

I have been breathing Bowdoinham air for almost seven decades and remember when local law enforcement wore his badge on a plaid hunting jacket and didn’t carry a firearm. As a commissioner for Sagadahoc County I am extremely proud of our sheriff department. A top-shelf leadership team, professional, compassionate, and common sense sums up the department. You can take my word for it there are no bad apples.

Our society requires law and order to make it functional. Sadly that is the way it is with no compromise. Maine is not some overpopulated inner-city combat zone and we don’t need tanks and air support to keep the peace. All citizens should be setting an example to their children and newcomers that law enforcement in this state is here to protect and serve, not to be feared.

I honestly do not know who the person was that was uncomfortable with the deputy’s presence and don’t want to know. It would cause me sleepless nights focusing my anger on one person. The sheriff tells me he received several messages of thanks from other polling places, so I am ashamed, embarrassed and disappointed by Bowdoinham’s response.

We are better than this. And to the people that are uncomfortable with uniformed police officers, if your house is burglarized, who are you going to call?

Brian D. Hobart
commissioner, District 2
Sagadahoc County


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