Over 140 million people just voted in our presidential election. Postal workers, poll workers and election officials of all walks of life nationwide have worked diligently to produce a timely and fair election, and one that was probably the most heavily scrutinized in our nation’s history. Trump lost. Now he’s trying to undermine the results with his incessant refrain of voter fraud and many of his Republican enablers are egging him on. Where’s the proof?

Suspecting fraud or asserting there was fraud is a statement of opinion. It isn’t evidence. Why does this man get away with making spurious claims over and over again without ever producing evidence? He played the same hand in the 2016 election, claiming Clinton’s victory in the popular vote was due to widespread voter fraud. In the four years since he has never produce a shred of proof. An assertion repeated without proof becomes a lie. And he’s doing it again. So where’s the proof?

Even a search warrant has to have enough evidence to be considered probable cause. Where is your evidence, Trump? Without it, his assertions are just lies, slander, and an affront to all the people and systems that worked so hard to make this election a fair and honest expression of we the people.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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