President-elect Joe Biden campaigned to bring people together. Biden’s victory speech repeated that promise and that he would be president for all Americans. It does not matter what our new president says or may think – that is never going to happen. The Republican Party and its members want nothing to do with anything our new president says or wants to try to do. They refuse to accept that Biden won.

What in the world would make you think that Republicans would change and show moral character again? They are incapable of being as gracious as the late Sen. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Vice President Al Gore, or even Hillary Clinton in defeat. Just look at the leaders of the Republican Party these past few days; they are even attacking Republican state election officials who are telling the truth.

Mark my words, this is going to be as dangerous to our democracy as anything our country has gone through going back to the Civil War.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell knows Trump lost but will back Trump to keep the base motivated in Georgia for the two runoff elections that will determine control of our U.S. Senate. No one plays the game better. Then there is Bill Barr …


Michael Grove


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