Jake Shimabukuro Photo courtesy of the artist

Jake Shimabukuro will take the stage at 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at Stone Mountain Arts Center, 695 Dugway Road in Brownfield.

Shimabukuro’s last show with us was completely joyous! He says the uke is the instrument of peace. Just what we need. “The Jimmy Hendrix of the ukelele,” Shimabukuro has done for the uke what Bela Fleck has done for the banjo.

A ukulele virtuoso and composer known for his fast and complex finger work. Made famous by his millions of hits video of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” his music combines elements of jazz, blues, funk, rock, bluegrass, classical, folk, and flamenco. He comes from that same process of mixing both island and outside influences, both modern and historical.

He’s combined the qualities of a long line of virtuoso ukulele players with modern rock musicians to create a sound that’s uniquely his own but still firmly grounded in Hawaiian tradition. Growing up in Hawaii, his influences include legendary ukulele players like Eddie Kamae, Ohta-San and Peter Moon.

He also has won accolades from the disparate likes of Eddie Vedder who states: “Jake is taking the instrument to a place that I can’t see anybody else catching up with;” My favorite Jake moment? He does a uke version of Queen’s Bohemiam Rhapsody. So if that doesn’t get you to think outta the box, nothin will!! Come see this amazing young ukelele legend. The ukelele is considered the happiest instrument in the world…so don’t worry, be happy!! And yeah I think he does that tune too. Check out his nice version of Hallelujah .

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