Given that we are a sports-minded nation, it’s embarrassing to see a president comport himself so poorly. There is no valor in how he is leaving the field. Whining, making excuses and pointing fingers look pretty shabby. As he lashes out, aggrieved, and dangerous, commentators speak about humoring the president with time to move through the three phases of loss: denial, rage, and eventual acceptance. They talk about him as if he were a patient in need of care.

But let’s be clear. Given that he was repudiated at the polls, this man will try to exact a mighty toll. From his point of view, the humiliation is our fault. We sabotaged the fulfillment of his dark vision. Count on him to break whatever he can as he leaves the building. And no doubt he will linger and menace from the wings, because he can.

Imagine, even as I write, this president has flagrantly withdrawn from the battle as the virus rages on. His disregard has permitted the carnage to continue. He has even primed millions to believe it’s a hoax! This is surely the underbelly of how we are intended to Make America Great Again. That slogan sounds so uplifting, but hidden at its core is the strident message of division insisting that privilege for whites shall never be displaced, and racial inclusion has no meaningful place at the table.

MAGA has become the new Lost Cause.

George Mason

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