Free online Zoom presentations on a variety of Shakespearean topics are now available through the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship to educators, schools, libraries, community groups, and service clubs seeking supplemental programming for students and members.

Available topics include “Shakespeare and the Law” “Shakespeare and Medicine,” “The Science of Shakespeare,” “Shakespearean Performance,” “An Introduction to the Shakespeare Authorship Question,” “Elizabethan Wills,” “Shakespeare’s History Plays,” “Greek Masters and Shakespeare,” and more.

The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship, an organization committed to research and discussion of the Shakespeare Authorship Question, has members across the globe available to provide these free Zoom presentations through their Speakers Bureau.

“These presentations are a great opportunity for educators looking to supplement their online teaching curriculum, libraries looking to provide content to their communities, and local service groups looking to engage their membership base through an educational and often entertaining presentation,” said Steven Sabel, SOF director of public relations and marketing, according to a news release from the organization.

Members of the SOF include professionals from nearly every major field and industry, including lawyers, doctors, professors, entertainment professionals, engineers, accountants, and more. Many of them are published authors and the foremost experts in their area of study as it pertains to the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

SOF Speakers Bureau members can speak about Shakespeare’s knowledge of the law, medicine, astronomy, botany and gardening, politics and history, classical literature, the natural and physical sciences, music, animal husbandry, and more. They explain how these details help reveal the true author of the works.


“Our experts, scholars, and published authors are adept at explaining how Shakespeare’s works, and details about Elizabethan history raise many questions about the author’s true identity, and help to shed light on the answer to the mystery,” Sabel said, according to the release.

The Shakespeare Authorship Question has been a subject of research for more than 200 years. During that time, detailed analysis, uncovered documents, and historical details have advanced the widespread belief that the works of Shakespeare were written by someone other than a glover’s son from Stratford.

Major publications and volumes of Shakespeare’s works now include sections explaining the existence and history of the Shakespeare Authorship Question, and the topic is now regularly covered in learning institutions around the world. Major magazines and journals regularly address the topic, including an article in the New Yorker last year which focused on the Oxfordian views of deceased US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

“The world loves a great mystery, and this is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The evidence against the man from Stratford being the author continues to build and grow year after year, and people are interested in learning the truth just like Justice Stevens,” said Sabel.

Members of the SOF Speakers Bureau are able to tailor their presentations to the needs of the group or organization requesting an online speaking engagement. Presentations can be as brief as a 20- to 30-minute introduction to the Shakespeare Authorship Question, or up to 90-minutes long on a variety of more specific topics. Online attendance can accommodate groups as large as 100 participants, and each presentation is followed by a question and answer session.

Speakers are available throughout the year. Program directors, group leaders, and facility coordinators are encouraged to contact Sabel directly to schedule an online Zoom presentation. For more information, email [email protected].