Some elder care and nursing home facilities have been locked down since the middle of March because of the threat of COVID. For eight months, the residents, mostly in their 80s and 90s, have been unable to leave a facility. They are unable to go for family rides or have family visits in their room; only a scheduled 15-minute visit in a common area, either outdoor or inside, every two weeks while wearing a mask and social distancing is allowed. Definitely no hugging. They are feeling isolated and lonely. They are sacrificing a lot to help keep COVID out of their residence and the staff safe.

If people were only hurting themselves when not wearing a mask, I would say it’s their right. But science says that is not the case. If your health is compromised so that you can’t wear a mask, you may want to consider not mingling with others.

The next time you consider not wearing a mask in public think of the huge sacrifices residents in senior care facilities have made. It’s a small sacrifice to wear a mask to help slow the spread of COVID.

I have 93-year-old parents who are in the above situation. I have only been able to visit my mom for a total of 1.5 hours outside, 6 feet apart, with a mask, no hugging, during the last eight months. I can no longer give Dad a hug or take him out for rides. I must wear a mask and social distance outside on his deck to see him.

My parents have been married 72 years but have been unable to visit for eight months because of COVID.

Please, please, do your part and wear a mask, so we can give the older generation and families their lives back.


Deborah Thing


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