AUGUSTA — Capital Area Technical Center has selected its November Professionals of the Month.

Lillian Bell Photo courtesy of CATC

Lillian Bell of Monmouth is a junior from Monmouth Academy enrolled in the Medical/Veterinarian Terminology program. Many people in her family have worked in the medical field, and she wants to carry out that family legacy. She has enjoyed learning about how the body works and is looking forward to an upcoming unit on the cardiovascular system, according to a news release from CATC in Augusta.

Her instructor Karen Parker said, “Lilly is an ambitious and responsible student with a truly amazing personality,” according to the release.

In her spare time, Bell loves to paint, she recently completed a window mural at the Dempsey Center. She also likes to longboard and read.

She plans to pursue a career as a registered nurse.

Zakkary Roy Photo courtesy of CATC

Zakkary Roy of Augusta is a senior from Cony High School enrolled in the Firefighting program. Roy has enjoyed the trust he has developed with his classmates through the teamwork in the program. He also has enjoyed the active hands-on learning, such as forcible entry training where he learned to break into a locked door should an emergency situation require it, and the burn trailer, which allows students to practice navigating a smoke filled mock house in full firefighting gear.

His instructor Francis Johnson said, “Zak comes with a great attitude every day, he is totally into it! He entered the program with zero firefighting experience and has his performance has already surpassed the students that came in with junior firefighting experience,”  according to the release.

When he is not in school, Roy enjoys restoring vintage tools, as well as playing a variety of musical instruments.

He hopes to combine his interest in the military and fire science into a career.

CATC also recognized an alumni selected for the November Spotlight.

Skyler Boucher Photo courtesy of CATC

Skyler Boucher of Manchester completed two years of the Plumbing and Heating program and graduated from Maranacook Community High School in 2020. He is employed as an Apprentice Plumber by Ranor Mechanical in Jay.

Boucher said, “I didn’t want to go to CATC, but my parents had me give it a try, it was life changing. I knew I didn’t want to be working in a cubicle for the rest of my life. I found my career path,” according to the release.

Chris Fortier, field operations manager at Ranor Mechanical said, “Skyler had been working at Ranor for about three weeks when he had to miss an hour of work to attend a student orientation at Central Maine Community College. The next day he saw me and asked when would be a good time to make up the hour of work he had missed. I told him don’t ever lose that work ethic. You can teach people a lot of things, but you can’t teach work ethic. This is why Skyler is the kind of employee we are looking for. He is reliable, hardworking and just an overall good person,” according to the release.