NEW HAVEN, Conn. – We are sad to announce the passing of our mother, Anne Lou Overlock Rowe from Augusta, who was 87. Anne was a feisty woman to be reckoned with- like much of the Overlocks. She was warm, kind and loving but also was full of laughter and loved to dance. She raised four smart and strong children who loved her dearly and has six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.Anne loved to sing, dance, play cards, and work hard. She worked at the phone company for years and supported the union. She worked for the Democratic Party and was a strong believer in social justice. She loved to tell stories and had many great ones to tell. She lived in South Thomaston for over 45 years and her favourite thing was to drink her coffee and look out over the water and at her garden in the morning.She came from a family of eight brothers and sisters with German and Irish roots who were fantastic carpenters, builders and homemakers. Although she had a grade 12 education, she raised four children who were teachers and managers, university professors, doctors and lawyers. We are all very proud and grateful to have her as our mother and will miss her dearly.We hope to have family and friends gather in Maine in the summer to celebrate her life. Condolences may be expressed at

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