Castlebay – A Yuletide Celebration will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17, at The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor, 86 Townsend Ave.

Maine’s premier Celtic duo will “drive cold winter away” with joyous and mysterious seasonal songs and tunes from Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles. The lilting sound of Celtic harp, Irish flute, fiddle and guitar will mingle with vibrant songs of revelry and wonder.

The celebration of the winter solstice was one of the most important in the calendar of the ancient people of the British Isles and Ireland. Many of the enigmatic circles of standing stones that rise from the wind-swept landscape are oriented to the positions of the sun and moon in different seasons. The word “yule” means “wheel” and represents the turning of the sun-wheel from darkness to light.

The traditional music is filled with the symbolism of light conquering darkness, rebirth and the evergreen power of life. Legends and tales abound featuring the affirmation of life-force in the form of greenmen and power animals such as the stag and the wild boar.

In addition to these ancient stories and symbols, the lore and music of Celtic Christianity are mysterious and beautiful. Come celebrate, sing along and experience a little Celtic enchantment.

Seating is limited. Windows will be open, so bring jackets and blankets.

Advance tickets cost $20, and available only directly from the Box Office at 207-633-5159.

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