Early on a recent morning my granddaughter and I were gassing up at the Irving truck stop in Farmington. Around us were eight big bucket trucks, three pickups and an amphibious bucket truck on a flatbed tractor trailer, all dark green with a big “Q” logo. They were Hydro-Quebec line crews fueling up and dispatching to bring the power back on for Wilton, Farmington, Temple and surrounding towns. It was an impressive sight.

Hydro-Quebec is a company some love to hate. Not me. I know Central Maine Power and Hydro-Quebec have a mutual aid agreement for storms. So this was all business. Regardless, these were people, far from their families, working under adverse conditions to get our power back on.

It was a heartwarming Christmas moment.

To Hydro-Quebec, the crews and their families: Merci.

Dr. Andrew Cook

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