Everyone deserves safe drinking water. Unfortunately, this essential resource is being stripped from Fairfield residents as one story after another highlights the PFAS chemical pollution discovered in private wells surrounding Tozier Dairy Farm. The count of compromised water sources has risen quickly in the last few months; so far, 18 wells have been found to have levels of PFAS contamination that exceed the EPA’s safe limit.

PFAS is the toxic “forever” chemical that doesn’t break down easily in our bodies or our environment. Instead, it accumulates and can cause health issues such as cancers, liver and kidney damage, and more. While officials continue to find high levels of this dangerous chemical in drinking water, residents are being given a limited supply of bottled water to replace their wells. This is not a long-term solution, and more needs to be done to protect our communities. To make that happen, everyday people need to speak up.

Community Action Works partners with residents impacted by environmental problems like PFAS pollution to build community power for change. If you live near Tozier Dairy Farm and are experiencing or are concerned about PFAS in your water, please contact me at [email protected].

Dana Colihan



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