Max Linn and company protested Gov. Mills’ egregious mask requirement? They missed other limitations that may be even more egregious.

Did they miss speed limits, safety belts, building codes, sanitation requirements, and a host of other infringements on their ability to do whatever they want whenever they want? And then why can’t we just stick the .45 out the window and wake up the neighbors with a few rounds?

The more literate among us remember that we used to just dump our sewerage in the streets, until some cheeky devil noticed that it was killing us. We stopped but a few of us weren’t happy. There’s always some killjoy out to sabotage the fun!

My snarky point is we learned (at least some of us) that living together in cities and towns meant we had to accept some limits.

To Max and company, I’m sorry some of us just don’t want your foolishness to kill us. Wear the mask and I’ll agree not to dump my sewage in your yard.

Yes, not wearing a mask is as bad as dumping sewerage. They both hurt and even kill other people.


Dean Crocker

Estero, Florida and

Manchester, Maine

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