AUBURN — Interim president Betsy Libby of Central Maine Community College has announced the following students were named to the 2020 fall semester dean’s list.

President’s honors:
Casey E. Blais, Dylan R. Campbell, Jared Doyle, Kathleen M. Fogarty, Rachael A. Frey, Eric M. Gimbel, Larissa J. Martin, Kirsten Mazur, Jason McCarthy, Violet K. Mikita, Kyle R. Mooney, Emma Pelletier, Joshua H. Pelletier, Kassi L. Ronan and Emma Samson, all of Auburn.

Also, Angela Robinson of Biddeford; Lisa J. Miller of Bingham; Mackenzie W. Negley, Jennifer A. Rioux and Cynthia J. Swiger, all of Bowdoin; and Aparna R. Dettling of Bridgton.

Also, Micaela D. Ashby, Malcolm Aube, Garland A. Ballard, Noah E. Greene and Thomas Pickett, all of Brunswick; Todd Hussey of Bryant Pond; Lou Pease and Meagan L. Strout, both of Buckfield; and Mark E. McShane of Buxton.

Also, Melissa T. Compton of Camden; Melissa A. Teer of Casco; Alexis R. Holman and Nicole Whitman, both of Dixfield; Allison Jardine of Dresden; Valerie L. St. Pierre of Durham; Selena B. Cintron of East Andover; and Joshua M. Kramley of Edgecomb.

Also, Kayla L. Allen of Farmington; Christen R. Akers of Farmington Falls; Kyle M. Johnston of Fryeburg; Eliana Brown, Asia M. DiBenedetti and Anna P. Stokes, all of Gardiner; and Chelsea E. Fournier and Kathleen Hughes, both of Gray.


Also, Issabell Brockett, Angela G. Cafarelli, Christina A. Giddinge, Maurice W. Longtin, Zackery B. Morin and Brooke Nadeau, all of Greene; Elizabeth M. McLeod of Greenwood; Matthew M. Albert of Hallowell; and Ashley N. Lauze of Harpswell.

Also, Katie Gallagher and Aaron J. Cowell, both of Hartford; Jakob W. Rivas of Jackman; Sophia E. Moreau and Cody R. York, both of Jay; Ashlyn C. Sorel of Kingfield; and Tessa A. Benson and Nathan A. Rousseau, both of Leeds.

Also, Zahrah A. Abobakr, Aicha A. Ali, Nooralain Almasoodi, Emily M. Baum, Chantal J. Bernier, Katherine L. Bilodeau, Christina Bishop-Brown, Seth D. Boucher, Megan E. Brown, Heather L. Budesheim, Basilio L. Charlett, Alexis R. Cunan, Sahro M. Dakane, Valerie E. Denis-Atkins, Matthew L. Desrosiers, Luis A. Dias, Calvin D. Dundore, Morgan M. Epinette, Maggie J. Ferland, Elizabeth Fundis, Asma A. Hassan, Deka H. Ibrahim, Mouna A. Ismail, Christopher T. Jillette, Michelle LaChance, Peyton A. Latham, Kaylee M. LaVoie, Kevin Long, Isaac A. Madore, Jamie McDowell, Jason P. McElravy, Gabrielle J. Mirick, Jacob Mouser, Edho K. Mukendi, Catherine A. Putnam, Fozia A. Robleh, Emily M. Schmidt, Donna M. Sehl, Clinton V. Sherwood, Kali D. Voss, Alexander D. Wilder, Lisbon: Michael R. Lauter, Alexander T. Rodriguez and Christa M. Shane, all of Lewiston.

Also, Jeramy A. Lord, Patricia B. Murray and Alexandra A. Sult, all of Lisbon Falls; Megan D. Bateman, Kate M. McPherson and Ethan A. Mousseau, all of Litchfield; and Thomas A. Espeaignnette, Beth A. Johnson, Nelai Lobozzo, Katherine R. Possiel and Michael D. Staples, all of Livermore.

Also, Savannah L. Albert and Hannah N. Woznicki, both of Mechanic Falls; Kierstyn R. Lyons of Mexico; Isabella J. Pray, Hannah R. Royle and Makenna I. Verrill, all of Minot; and Cheri C. Bickford and Mariah P. Herr, both of Monmouth.

Also, Vincent M. Perfetto and Kathryne A. Wilcox, both of Naples; Garrett C. Argraves, Stephanie M. Northrup and Kayla M. Ray, all of New Gloucester; Robert P. Blethen and Colton S. Nason, both of New Sharon; and Yuliya Chohan of Niantic, Connecticut.


Also, Alexis D. Parker of North Woodstock, New Hampshire; and Joshua D. Adams, Mikalia Davis, Abigail V. Gracer, Heather Ilsley and Devarae L. Plante-Gurney, all of Norway.

Also, Julie A. Dionne, Ty P. Heaward, Aaron C. Hodgdon, Maria T. Lundberg, Stephanie J. Spears and Beth M. Verrill, all of Oxford; Gloria Ndayishimiye of Peoria, Arizona; and James Gronewold, Othniel D. Kroger and Chelsea M. McLain, all of Peru.

Also, Cheyenne G. Bell, Monique J. Collins and Justin M. Jarvis, all of Poland; Susan Shaw and Hayden R. Sprague, both of Portland; George H. Brigham of Presque Isle; Nicholas Adams of Richmond; and Vanessa J. Chasse of Rochester, New Hampshire.

Also, Sebastian Z. Weston of Rumford; and Alexis G. Banks, Heather D. Cote, Darrel E. Daley, Alicia P. Doyle, Mariah J. Easler, Christine L. Guerette, Rachel A. Lovell, Joshua M. Morin, Shyann R. Pessant and Connor A. Pickett, all of Sabattus; and Michelle L. Dunnivant and Jacob Frankel, both of Saco.

Also, Matthew J. Albano, Jordan N. Burns and Raoul L. Marston-Connell, all of South Paris; Zoe E. Lamoureux of South Portland; Jennifer A. Hotham of Steep Falls; Crystal N. Waters of Tenants Harbor; and Alison W. Harding, Kelly J. Lavallee and Jessica Parks, all of Topsham.

Also, Erik J. Dennis, Kaitlyn S. Gilbert and Alex E. Tedesco, all of Turner; Bethany S. Ellis and Shaina D. Ellis, both of Vienna; Sandra Lynde of Waldoboro; Rebekah A. Kropp, Abigail R. Nadeau and Sadie A. Pinard, all of Wales; and Taylor J. Pierpont of Washington.


Also, Amy L. Hanscom of West Bethel; Eli Hamilton of West Paris; Marshall Doyon, Star Thibodeau and Sue A. Turbide, all of Wilton; Melissa M. Dlugos of Windham; Emma J. Gay and Natasha Heath, both of Winthrop; Andrew T. Blake of Woolwich; and Marissa K. Dodge of Yarmouth.

Students on the president’s list earned a semester grade point average of 3.9 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

High honors
Meghann Bolduc of Albion; and Ilea Calverley of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Also, Stacey L. Bernier, Victoria A. Cromwell, Madeline G. Duff, Katie L. Farrell, Devon W. Fournier, Jenna Greer, Jesse R. Hammond, Sarah R. Johnson, Jenney L. Klemetson, David G. Lowe, Evan R. Mancini, Ganan R. Mancini, Abdullahi A. Moallim, Kaleigh A. Moreau, Tabitha M. Patriquin, Syrena M. Piper, Claire M. Priola, Chelsey Provencher, Mackenzie M. Rodrigue, Dean Rollins, Justin D. Theriault, Damieka Wallace and Robin A. Woodard, all of Auburn.

Also, Emma Shults and Brittany R. Yeaton, both of Augusta; Rachel M. Scollon of Baltimore, Maryland; Katharine G. Diamond and Caela M. Seeley, both of Bath; Thomas A. Coolidge of Bethel; Mason B. Blodgett of Bowdoinham; and Haley R. Fernald, Rachael J. Sawyer, both of Bridgton.

Also, Kelsey L. Spearin of Brunswick; Payton R. Abbott and Jeffrey F. Campbell, both of Bryant Pond; Miranda M. Kelly and Krista M. Murphy, both of Camden; Coleen Heiser of Canton; Angelique J. Breton of Casco; and Caitlin M. Tibbetts of Chesterville.


Also, Patricia A. Benson, Devon A. Fletcher, Hunter D. Hutchins and Kimberly K. Ricciardi, all of Dixfield; Devin Garneau, Noah R. Koenig and Lauren M. Larrabee, all of Durham; Amy C. Keene of Farmington; and Michael F. Chalmers of Fayette.

Also, Kristen R. Laliberty of Gray; Jim R. LaFlamme, Colleen J. Mathieu and Keri A. Turgeon, all of Greene; Sara K. Campbell of Hallowell; Drew Dyer and Ryan M. Guptill, both of Harrison; and Shane St. Pierre and Robin M. Thoma, both of Hartland.

Also, Danielle L. Morin of Hebron; Riley J. Nadeau of Jackman; Gale Brackett, Brett L. Hunt and Bradine L. Robbins, all of Jay; Francis J. Canniff of Kennebunk; Megan E. Sorel of Kingfield; and Christy D. Andrades, Randi-Anne Langelier and Robert J. Trujillo, all of Leeds.

Also, Istahil O. Abdi, Alexander Agostino, Hani H. Ali, Nathan Bilodeau, Jennifer L. Buck, Robert C. Dostie, Rick Doucette, Adrien Fundis, Tracy J. Gagnon, Kayla M. Girardin, Jaedyn A. Gousse, Mohamed I. Hassan, Jamat H. Ibrahim, Mohamud Ibrahim, Omar H. Ibrahim, Dylon E. Jackson, Kenneth G. Jimenez, Anne Daniel Cha M. Kalau, Kenzie N. Langley, Dylan T. Latham, Veronica McVille, Tiffani M. Mercado, McKenna D. Muldoon, Erin Myers, Ryan J. Paione, Azenaide L. Pedro, Tamara Pinkham, Nicholas N. Powers, Jill C. Rockwell, Isalita C. Seixas, Brenda M. Smith, Megan Theriault, Samantha J. Wilder and Dalton L. Wing, all of Lewiston.

Also, Cheyanne J. Knox-Benner of Limington; Kurt J. Gagnon, Ivy R. Morris, Jessica J. Nye and Lori A. St Pierre, all of Lisbon; Brittany M. Goodwin, Matthew A. McPhee and Tiffany A. Swiger, all of Lisbon Falls; and James M. Heath of Litchfield.

Also, Robin L. Staples of Livermore; Shawn M. Rainha of Livermore Falls; Madeline V. Darling of Lovell; Cassandra A. Fraser of Manchester; and Emily R. Elliott and Alexandria M. Shaw, both of Mechanic Falls.


Also, Mikayla M. Jackson, Autumn S. Pomerleau, Kelly E. Stevens and Ethan R. Tardif, all of Minot; Corey D. Armstrong of Monmouth; William A. Lidston of Naples; and Joshua J. Bragdon, Andrew W. Dyke, Kyleigh R. Ouellette, Kimberly A. Pauley and Talia Tims, all of New Gloucester.

Also, Lisa Hunt of Norridgewock; Kaitlyn Hayes of North Monmouth; Corey E. David of Ocala, Florida; Taylor R. Grimes of Old Town; Monica Sok of Orono; Shannon Mccabe of Orrs Island; and Dylan T. Cobbett, Lance Dorval and Emilyann E. Drumm, all of Oxford.

Also, Brittany Ciccketti of Pemaquid; Noah J. Anderson, Isaac E. Austin, Lori A. Cloutier, Beth W. Crosby, Hunter B. Dufault, Riley R. Lavoie and Jason McFarland, all of Poland; and Christian A. Lessard of Raymond.

Also, Audrey J. Cox, Marcie L. Hartzell, Taylor J. Henry and Sydney J. Petrie, all of Rumford; and Daniel J. Aiken, Megan R. Alexander, Evan R. Boston, Amanda R. Breton, Julia M. Noel, Chloe R. Pinard and Cheyenne H. Ryder, all of Sabattus.

Also, Dallas J. Culver-Kroening of Searsport; Sarah L. Bolduc of Skowhegan; Serena K. Nalley of Somersworth, New Hampshire; Nicholas Page and Cory J. Smith, both of South Paris;  Serena A. Howard of Strong; and Grace A. Perron of Sumner.

Also, Jeffrey R. Palmer of Tamworth, New Hampshire; Sara McManus and Brigham C. St Pierre, both of Topsham; and Hannah R. Chouinard, Emily A. Gaudreau, Hailey R. Holbrook, Heather L. Lagueux, Samuel P. McGray, Samantha M. Roy and Benjamin R. Simpson, all of Turner.


Also, Cassandra J. Smeltzer of Waldoboro; Brianna L. Leclair and Cohen M. Storer-Donnell, both of Wales; Julie A. Rogers of Warren; Skyler C. Boucher of Wayne; Cheyanne C. Henderson and Katelyn J. Wilson, both of West Paris; and Jaedyn B. Smith of Westbrook.

Also, Rebecca Ackerson of Whitefield; Asha T. Floyd and Abigail K. Penney, both of Wilton; Logan J. Douglas and Robert J. Verdini, both of Windham; Tori R. Grasse of Windsor; Marc Chamberlain, Andrew R. Frost and Haley R. Nichols, all of Winthrop; Gage D. Hesseltine of Wiscasset; and Erik Canfield of Yarmouth.

Erika L. Munoz of Arlington, Virginia; and Sonya L. Caron, Jasmine S. Dyment, Benjamin J. Feldman, Amy Herrick, Mariel A. Houston, Kristy-Ann M. Jensen, Aaron T. Johnson, Christopher J. Kent, Jessica L. Osmolski, Melissa Shea, Gavin R. Toussaint, Damyon Turcotte, Daina L. Walko and Corey J. Wiers, all of Auburn.

Also, Morgan M. Bergeron, Drew Drinkwater, Stephen S. Shaw and Kenneth Zahner, all of Augusta; Bailey B. Hartill and Kimberly J. Henigan, both of Bath; Nicolas G. Fontaine of Belgrade; Brian F. Lenberg of Bethel; and Heather M. Rego of Boothbay.

Also, Katherine Bernier of Bowdoinham; Joshua E. Frye of Brownfield; Ashley E. Arndt and Morgan Plourde, both of Brunswick; Jaylee E. Bean and Russell C. Cushman, both of Bryant Pond; Grace I. Timberlake of Canton; and Sierra O. Wyman of Canton.

Also, Ashley M. White of Corinth; Katelyn M. Rioux and Elizabeth M. Smith, both of Durham; Russell Prescott of East Wilton; Amanda-Rae White of Eliot; Brittany S. Grover and Katarina Keller, both of Falmouth; and Lori A. Churchill of Fort Fairfield.


Also, Alivia F. Chappie of Franklin, Massachusetts; Mona O. Abobaker and Tyler R. Weeks, both of Gorham; Sydney M. Boynton, Ashley Dall, Ashley N. Jordan and Cody Pepin, all of Gray; and Eli J. Christman, Danya D. Cummings, Ashley S. Keenan, Jacob D. LaFontaine, Sarah Pierce, Adrianna M. Prosser and Colton J. Santomango, all of Greene.

Also, Anthony W. Bellavance of Hardwick, Vermont; Anthony P. Gray of Hartford; Mason E. Harris of Hebron; Faith M. Farnum, Ersula H. Steward and Felicia L. Stone, all of Jay; Emily Sanfacon of Lebanon; and Melissa S. Harnden and Rebecca Paul, both of Leeds.

Also, Hadithi A. Abdulle, Daniela D. Alves, Leo Anderson, Cassady E. Bussiere, Geny Cabral, Devon Cady, Julia H. Chabot, Linda A. Churchill, Haylee J. Cunningham, Markus W. Davis, Orena T. Davis, Rachel L. Jackson, Martin K. Kiende, Luzizila Kileke, Katana A. Langlais, Abdirahman S. Mohamud, Flora Nishimwe, Ngoie Nsenga, Morghan P. Parent, Wesley Ruede, Noah S. Russell, Rose L. Saucier, Abagail A. Stevens, Sarah R. Stone, Jordan L. Strout, Connor J. Sullivan, Travis M. Terrell, Madison L. Thistlewaite, Joshua Uwimana, Carol L. White, Heather L. Williams, Sara L. Wilson and Kevin Zhao, all of Lewiston.

Also, Tia A. Weeks of Lisbon; Michelle A. Doherty and Danika L. Wight, both of Lisbon Falls; Michael P. Huntington, Evan L. Lovering and Pauline E. Nelson, all of Litchfield; Trevor M. Roche of Litchfield, New Hampshire; and Samara J. Anderson of Livermore Falls.

Also, Catina Brooks of Mechanic Falls; Skyler A. Bradeen of Mexico; Danielle C. DuBois of Middletown, Delaware; Melody J. Pratt of Milton Township; and Paige N. Chase, Shelby M. LaFrinea, Kaile L. Leighton and Samuel J. Negron, all of Minot.

Also, Abby M. Ferland of Monmouth; Amber R. Michaud of North Monmouth; Tasia R. Carll and Emily R. Schlisner, both of New Gloucester; Erik A. Harvey of Newcastle; Abbie Healey of Nobleboro; and Megan M. Blaisdell of Norridgewock.


Also, Brittany N. Roberts of North Monmouth; Owen R. McCarthy of North Yarmouth; Alex D. Alden, Linda L. Cleveland and Ashley A. Moulton, all of Norway; Ilija Ivkovic of Oakland; and Javier A. Martinez of Orlando, Florida.

Also, Abbigayle R. Chase of Parsonsfield; Renee W. Dineen of Peaks Island; Cassandra E. Glynn of Peru; Cooper S. Keene and Kirby T. Plummer, both of Poland; and Aaron S. Maxwell of Port Clyde.

Also, Hailey M. Chapman, Bryce N. Cormier, Meagan P. Foreman, Alisha R. Humphreys and Amy R. Marmanik, all of Rumford; and Richard Bessey, Ausborn L. Boston, Molly K. Flaherty, Alani L. Lindsay, Hannah Ouellette, Michael L. Sasseville, Angela E. Strout and Caleb M. Valliere, all of Sabattus.

Also, Olivia R. Gendron of Saco; Lindsay M. Holbrook of Saint Johnsbury, Vermont; Brad A. Thibodeau of Shapleigh; Patrick M. French-McQuilkin and Kaitlyn Therriault, both of Skowhegan; and Andrew L. Kraft of South Berwick.

Also, Gabrielle L. Akers, Michael F. Balcom, Dustin A. Casulli, Anastasia Creaser, Katerina A. Crowell and Theresa-Anne O. Doyon, all of South Paris; Santiago Patenaude of South Portland; and Marie Blythe M. Cox of Sweden.

Also, Nathanael J. Bowmaster, Kimberly E. Dionne, Julia Y. White, Nicholas A. Withee and Noah B. Withee, all of Turner; Hailey B. Longfellow of Vassalboro; Brooke Allen and Marian R. Lawler, both of Waterford; and Caleb J. Hutchinson of Weld.

Also, Abigail M. Hanson of Wells; Wyatt Ryder of West Paris; Megan J. DuBois of West Poland; Mason G. Darveau of Whitefield; Heather Brake, Samuel P. Hebert and Lucas C. Howard, all of Windham; and Taylor R. Beaucage, Morgan J. Caron and Nicole M. Somers, all of Winthrop.

High honors denote a minimum GPA of 3.6 and honors recognizes those with a minimum GPA of 3.3.

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