I am in shock over the attempted coup to maintain President Trump’s false claims that the election was in some way improper, when clearly it was a legitimate election. The only efforts to steal the election were made by Republicans and Trump supporters and they failed. They failed. They failed to steal the election, and as Wednesday’s armed invasion of the Capitol demonstrates, Trump is willing to commit treason to maintain his office as president.

I want Congress to work to remove him from office. I want Congress to remove his co-conspirators from office. I want this cabal of traitors prosecuted for their crimes against our nation.

Unlawful behavior is unlawful behavior, and the types of people Trump and his co-conspirators represent require consequences that match the severity of their crimes, including dissemination of lies through media outlets. Those media also need to be held accountable for contributing to this attempt (and potential future attempts) of insurrection.

Trump’s followers, the non-conspirators, are another matter. They need to be told the truth. They need our help in understanding their complaints and be included in solutions for an America that works for all.

But President Trump and his co-conspirators have broken the law and committed treason. That cannot be allowed if American democracy is to flourish. He needs to be stopped. His co-conspirators need to be stopped.

I want Congress to do everything in their power to stop him and his cronies from overthrowing our government. I want him impeached and convicted. I want to be protected from him ever being able to abuse his powers of public office to advance his personal agendas.

Gale Davison


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