Headlines, newscasts and social media often use the words: “We are a divided country.” This is divisive use of language. We could instead say: “We have a perfectly balanced Senate as of the latest election. This will require that our elected officials listen and incorporate the ideas and values of others. This is not divided. It is an opportunity to have all of us feel represented.”

Maine elected two women and two men to D.C. Two Democrats, one Republican and one independent. Their ages and professional histories differ. It is our job to voice our concerns and needs and values so that our representatives have our guidance and support as they stand in the halls of Congress trying to forge the laws to meet our needs.

The attack on the Capitol last week was done by an angry, incited mob. I have heard media represent that half of America supports Trump and therefore half condone violence. Factually, quite a bit less than half voted for Trump; the voting majority voted for Biden/Harris. People that voted for Trump did not vote for violence. They voted for a political party that they think more closely expresses the way in which the country should move.

Listen to them: they focus on economics and where authority lodges. In 2016, I heard neighbors and co-workers state they would vote for Trump because he is a Republican even though his personal behaviors were repugnant to them. More 2020 voters found his repugnance a stumbling block to supporting Republicans. This does not make a country where half the adults support Trump, his behavior or violence. Let’s all move past this era and return to listening.


Jacqui Clark


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