WINSLOW — A Winslow man faces several charges after he allegedly operated a vehicle Monday morning while under the influence and led officers on a high-speed chase.

James Price, 40, was arrested on charges of operating with an open alcohol container; criminal operating under the influence; operating without a license; driving to endanger; eluding a police officer; reckless conduct; and refusing to submit to arrest, according to Chief Leonard Macdaid of the Winslow Police Department.

“We started getting calls (from Price) last night (Sunday) on the phone,” Macdaid said. “We could tell he was drunk.”

Because of officers’ interactions Sunday with Price, Winslow Officer Alex Jones positioned his cruiser on China Road early Monday to keep an eye out for Price. Officers thought Price might be operating under the influence on his drive to work, according to Macdaid.

Jones eventually saw Price driving a white Chevrolet Silverado at 6:44 a.m. One of the pickup truck’s headlights was not working, according to police. The officer also observed Price’s vehicle crossing the centerline and fog line before Jones stopped the truck, Macdaid said.

Jones spotted an open beer container in the vehicle and asked Price to hand it to him. Price then drank the beer, according to police.


When asked to step out of the vehicle for a field sobriety test, Price rolled up his window and speeded off in his truck.

The chase began on China Road in Winslow. It then crossed onto Route 201 in Fairfield and proceeded into Skowhegan.

“(Jones) was following behind the vehicle, which was going well over the speed limit,” Macdaid said. “(Price) was driving erratically.”

During the chase through Winslow, police contacted officers at the Skowhegan Police Department to set up a spike mat. Officer Billie Hatfield from Skowhegan set up the spikes and Price’s vehicle was stopped on Route 201, near 201 Service Towing & Auto Repair.

After being stopped, Price fought officers, who used a Taser to subdue him, according to Macdaid.

When arrested, Price had a blood-alcohol level of .16, double the legal limit in Maine, Macdaid said.

“The good news is that no one got hurt and no other citizens were involved,” Macdaid said. “I commend all of the officers. They did a great job taking care of this safety threat.”

Price was taken Monday to the Kennebec County jail Augusta, where his cash bail was set at $6,000.

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