Patriotic Republican leaders have an opportunity to bring the country together and heal the divisions caused by Trump. By refuting Trump’s lies of a stolen election and a virus hoax, Republican senators, representatives and others can defuse the anger, suspicion and nascent violence harbored by the 70% of Republican voters who accept Trump’s propaganda.

Unquestionably Trump bears responsibility for the Jan. 6 attack on the function of American government. It was his false assertion before the election that the only way he could lose was through fraud, and after the election with claims he won in a landslide.

Much responsibility for the attack on the Capitol also belongs to the Republican leaders. Some advanced the election fraud claim. Some simply supported the president’s right to question the election results. Some were silent.

Few decried the poisonous lie of a stolen election. All well and good to ask for recounts and checks on voter security. But the baseless assertion of a stolen election damages the fundamental cohesion of a democratic republic.

I don’t know if Trump is delusional enough to believe his claims or if it is all political posturing. However, Republicans in Congress do not have to drink the Kool-Aid of his propaganda.

A political impeachment will not heal the country. Courageous Republicans can speak the truth and break the spell of Trump’s lies, which enthrall Republican voters.


Jonathan Robbins


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