A day or two after the failed coup attempt on our nation’s Capitol, I decided to share my opinion on the matter with our federal and state representatives. When I called Sen. Collins’ Maine office, one of her aides took my call. I told her the purpose of my call was to urge the senator to support the impeachment and removal of President Trump.

I then quoted a statement that the senator made after the first impeachment of President Trump. She was asked, at that time, why she did not support the removal of President Trump and she stated that she believed that the president had learned his lesson.

The aide quickly jumped in and informed me that that was not what the senator had said. She told me that the media had chopped her answer to that question and what the senator had really said was that she hoped that he had learned his lesson.

Recently I viewed two talk shows that the senator appeared on back then. When asked why she did not support the removal of President Trump, on both occasions, her answer was that she believed that he had learned his lesson.

In addition to the denial of the senator’s reason for not voting to remove President Trump the first time around, I received no assurance that she would support his impeachment and removal this time.

Obviously President Trump did not learn his lesson, as Collins believed or had hoped that he did. I don’t believe that she has learned hers either, but I hope that she has. Collins should show she has learned her lesson by voting to convict President Trump.


Stanley B. Short Jr.


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