Are you intuitive? Or do you intellectually try to make sense out of something? While most folks work intellect overtime through sense-making, intuition’s responses to questions cost us zilch. Life untangles sans hassle.

Everybody employs intuition — some more so w— but haven’t the foggiest explanation of the subject. Its performance can even be enhanced. I was fascinated by four semesters of Senior College classes exploring its wherewithal.

Human brain power drives three aspects of life: 80% controls instinct (heart beats, breathing, organs functions, etc.); 10 % provides intellect, and 10% powers intuition. We manipulate our intellect — but our intuition manipulates us. Whenever we intuitively question something, intuition has an answer.

Plural folk work the comic page Jumble daily. Five scrambled words (six on Sunday) to unscramble, and designated letters from the righted words are arranged to answer a pictured-question. Jumbles, crossword puzzles, cryptoquotes, etc., are considered to sharpen minds.

Proof is in the pudding. Locate the comic page (avoiding eye-balling the reincarnation of “Mark Trail”) and zero onto the Jumble. Scratch paper handy. Note the disarrayed letters. Don’t apply intellect — trying to figure out the word — just look at it with an open mind, and look away. Try not to discover the term. Check the weather. If the muddle doesn’t right itself, scratch the letters in a circle on paper. Wham! The word springs to life. Intellect was AWOL.

Remember, 90% of words are already in your intuition. Gathered there with every piece of happening encountered along life’s byway. Questions trigger intuition — making it superior to what we sometimes harp about as memory.


With intuition in my back pocket, I’ve come away from trying to unscramble our national scene, intellectually. Instead, I ask questions of my intuition about the subject. Silence is golden!


John Benoit


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