This is in regards to the new COVID-19 strains. Newscasters have been reporting that new COVID strains discovered in the UK, South Africa and elsewhere are being spread across the world. They report that these new strains are no more deadly than the original strain. It’s good that they report the truth. However, it’s sad that they don’t tell the whole truth.

The whole truth is that, even though the new strains are no deadlier than the original, what they are saying is not the full truth.

If 100,000 people are to catch the original virus and, say, that 1% of those contracting the disease die, then 1,000 people will die.

Then let’s say that the new virus, being 70% more easily contracted, leaves 170,000 people with the disease and only 1% die — that leaves 1,700 people dead. This makes the new strains 70% more lethal.

The only way to correct this flaw is that we all participate more fully with CDC guidelines: mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing and not gathering in crowds.

I wish that when facts about COVID-19 are reported, reporters would give us the whole truth.


Peter P. Sirois


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