Where do we look for role models, and what can we do to make our world a better place?

Several of our representatives in Congress spoke of the oath that they and the president took, but the same people refused to wear masks to protect their colleagues and refused to pass through a metal detector to alert staff of prohibited weapons. This is not OK.

Rules are made for the protection of the greater good. Rules are well thought-out and researched. Dissent is our right, but it should be peaceful, equally well-pondered and researched dissent. Violent, belligerent, harmful protest is not helping situations or providing society and individuals with appropriate role models.

The solution? Top-down and bottom-up constructive behavior. Enforce safety. Wear a mask, and say something if you see others without masks. Be polite and respectful. Show others, including your friends, colleagues and children, what it looks like to be a positive, contributing human, and quietly call out others who break the rules. Drive safely, quarantine after you leave the state or socialize with maskless people. Don’t spread this infection or the suggestion that it is OK to do whatever you choose because you think you are entitled.

To our representatives: Take the high road, enforce the rules and laws, be the people who contribute to a better country and world.

To the general population: Ditto. We can work together within the parameters of safety, decency and positive actions to live and thrive together, despite the craziness and stress that are present in our lives. Here’s to much progress in 2021 and beyond.


Carol Ladd


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