In Senate District 14, we have an important decision to make on March 9. We can decide to vote for progress, experience and social consciousness, or political obstruction. We are lucky to have Craig Hickman on the ballot for state senator to continue to guide this district and the state through a social awakening and rehabilitation of government representation as we know it.

We need open-minded and thoughtful protection of our rights, and we have that in Craig. We need a community-minded person who cares about what we think and not just about what he can gain in his business through political action. Craig is just that person, and I for one recommend everyone read what he has to say on either his Facebook page or his website.

Even if you do not agree with him, he will appreciate your opinion and your right to say it, and he will carefully consider all his constituents, not just the ones from his party. He has an amazing voting history in the House; now we can have that bipartisan and thoughtful legislation in the Senate.

Do get out there and continue to vote for experience — vote for Craig Hickman!


Joanne Mason


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