On Inauguration Day, I, like so many, was watching the ceremony and asking the question, “Where are we going now, what’s next?”

This historic day also brought a personal delight as my wife and I got to take care of our three-and-half-month-old grandson for the day. As I held him on my knee and looked into those beautiful little eyes of youth, I saw innocence, curiosity, hope and love. I remember seeing those same eyes in my two sons many years ago.

I realized children are like little pieces of clay, who they are, what they become, how they contribute, are a result of all of us who help mold these little pieces as they grow. Children are like little sponges; they watch us, listen to us, try to be like us, they soak it all up. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is true. It is not just the parents who are responsible for who a child will be, it is all of us.

The past four years have brought a significant number of challenges to our country and to the world. I cannot help but think, regardless of political or religious affiliation, liberal, conservative, ethnic background, straight, gay, we all look into our children’s eyes and see and wish for the same things.

As we move forward, I would encourage all of us to look into the eyes of our children. Remember, together “We are the village,” and moving forward may we all remember, “They are watching us.”

Brett Shain


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