One wonders about government ineptness when looking at the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Why on earth are government and the Mills administration taking so long to get it underway? Oh, there are lots of websites but none are taking names of those senior Mainers who are at the greatest risk. For example I am aware of a Korean War veteran, 87 years old, living alone in a rural setting without a driver’s license, because the state in its infinite wisdom took it away due to illness. Where does he call to sign up?

Yes, the run out of the vaccine may be slow but these health care groups and DHHS could easily get the lists started before the vaccine is available so as to be totally prepared to run it out as soon as it becomes available. Seems like common sense to me, but I know the foils of government.

Why wait until the vaccine is available to start such lists? Come on, DHHS and Gov. Mills, let’s get it started to protect these older Maine people, or don’t they count in your opinion?


George Fogg


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