I am disgusted with the process Maine has in place for rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine. I spent hours online trying futilely to grab an appointment slot for an elderly relative of mine. Every time I clicked on the available slot I was informed it was not available. I am young. I can spend hours competing with others to get a shot.

But what about the elders in the community? This is set up to leave them in the dark. An 80-year-old who can barely use the internet won’t be able to negotiate this. Someone who is disabled will struggle with this. Aren’t folks with disabilities and the elderly the ones the most likely to get sick from COVID-19?

The state needs a registry for the COVID-19 shot. It needs a registry now. I am currently in New Mexico. If rural New Mexico can figure out a registry, Maine has no excuse.


Catelin Lindsay

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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