My introduction to Craig Hickman was his 30-second appearance in the “Roll Call Across America” that was such a magnificent feature of the Democratic National Convention last August. The first gay and Black member of the Maine Legislature, Craig is a small business owner who runs an organic farm stand and bed and breakfast with his husband.

I was immediately struck by his “likeability” in that video segment. Intrigued, I looked him up online. I am impressed with his record of legislative efforts and achievements that fit in so well with the practical needs of every-day Mainers. He cares about the things that are important to us. This includes issues related to food growers and consumer transactions, and ending food insecurity.

His support of small business owners, farmers, fishermen, and loggers, as well as teachers is evident. Civil rights, healthcare, and the environment — his work addresses everything that is so vital to these times. I am grateful to know that we had such a hard-working, down-to-earth, high-quality public servant in our state legislature for so long.

I am even more excited to hear that he is running for Maine Senate. I encourage all voters of District 14 to support him on the ballot this March 9.

Elected leadership of this caliber and integrity? Yes, please!


Laura Lander


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