I was pretty upset to hear Gov. Janet Mills wanted to tax the PPP loans that small businesses in Maine got to help us through the coronavirus (“Mills says she’ll seek ways to avoid state tax on businesses’ relief loans,” Jan. 27). I really hope the Legislature is able to stop this policy from going through.

Small businesses are in trouble, and this is just going to hurt us, and our employees, more. This is another example of why it’s important we have people in the Legislature who want reasonable, commonsense economic policies.

I was probably going to vote for Will Guerrette already, but hearing about this new tax coming out of the governor’s office has made it certain that I’m going to vote for Will for state Senate.

This special election is a chance to put another common-sense person in the Senate, giving another voice and another vote for Maine’s small business owners and taxpaying working families. Vote Will Guerrette!


Helen Tutwiler


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