Thanks for the article about the frustrated central Mainers trying to call MaineGeneral to get a vaccine appointment (“Central Mainers want answers after waiting hours to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine,” Feb. 1).

I am 100% sympathetic to the hospital’s dilemma and care they took to not overbook people. But, Lordy, trying off and on all day I kept thinking, “What have they got, one poor guy answering this phone line?” And seriously I started at 8:01 a.m.; how did all those people get in ahead of me?

It might be helpful to let us know how many phone lines they are running, just for the sake of letting us know if the odds are at all good. I’m sure we’ll all get in there ultimately but at this point it’s pretty frustrating.

My four sisters scattered around the country are having similar experiences: my nephew in Georgia said they are going by birth dates there; after they get all the people born in 1934 they’ll move to those born in 1935. He was born in 1976 and figures he’ll get a shot by the time he retires in 2060.

Important to keep a little sense of humor, right?


Elizabeth Dostie


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