Friends from Farmington, to Boothbay, to Brunswick, and further north, south, east and west have all shared with me their experiences getting their first COVID vaccines. I am overwhelmed at how similar our experiences were in every respect in every region. We were treated like kings and queens. The patience, respect, kindness, professionalism, careful attention to detail, and so much more were exceptional, in every way possible.

From the people on the telephones, to the ease of the “SignUpGenius” software, to the outstanding signage, to the escorts in the parking lots, to the nurses, volunteers and administrators, the experience could not have been more efficient and professional. The experience was unprecedented. Another friend described it as “like being in Switzerland” — everything worked “like clockwork.”

We patients were somewhat nervous, yet every single encounter along the way was met with skill, kind and smiling faces (behind the masks, shields and glasses, of course). Given the alarming statistics we hear daily, it made what otherwise could have been a frightening experience seem like a day at the beach.

Thank you to all the professionals and the hundreds of volunteers who made this one of the first positive COVID experiences so far.


Nancy Nellis


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