Opponents of the Clean Energy Corridor recently submitted 100,000 signatures to the secretary of state to force a new anti-NECEC referendum. Their goal is to kill a renewable hydro project that would directly compete with fossil fuel companies operating in Maine and New England.

Blocking a major infrastructure investment at this point sends a clear message to anyone doing business in Maine: Even if you follow the rules, the rug might still be pulled out from under you. Not only would this referendum cast aside years of regulatory processes at the state, federal and local level, but it would shred hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts awarded to businesses in Maine — all because a fossil fuel company doesn’t like the idea of competing with hydro power.

Is this the precedent we want to set when it comes to economic development in Maine? Is this the road we really want to lead our state down in this economic climate? I don’t think so, and I don’t think most Mainers do either.


Larry Dunphy


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