I would like to know what has happened to our country. Trump really made a mess of it. He said he could kill someone on a street in New York and get away with it. He just killed five in the riot and never will be charged for it. I blame him. He called them all there and told them to fight for their country. I can’t believe they wanted to kill Nancy Pelosi and hang Vice President Mike Pence. 

How can we live in a world like this? Why can’t the Republicans get a backbone and get rid of Trump? If they are so scared of Trump, they had better resign if they can’t do their job. Are they blind and can’t see what happened Jan. 6? That was a very sad day when they went into our Capitol.

What will happen to our children in the future? We were taught to respect our country and follow the rules. I will never admit that Trump was my president. If we did what he has done, we would be in prison now. I’m sorry our country is in such shape. I hope people will think twice before they vote next time.


Ruth Fuller 

China Village

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