The Maine Senate needs more members like Will Guerrette of Pittston.

I grew up in Pittston and Gardiner and I know the communities of Senate District 14. I’ve had the privilege of serving eight years in the Maine Legislature and have seen the inner workings of our state government. I know how important good leadership is to those functions that affect the everyday lives of Maine’s citizens.

These are unprecedented times in our lives and Will has the background, experience and values that are needed in SD 14 and for Maine right now. He was born and raised in the Gardiner area and spent most of his life raising his own family, worshiping, contributing to the community and starting several businesses in the area. He knows the people, the needs, values and the strengths of SD 14.

Please vote for Will Guerrette in the special election on March 9.

David C. Burns
Former State Senator, SD 6

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