The Kennebec Journal’s coverage of MaineGeneral this last week has been unnecessarily negative and critical regarding COVID-19 vaccination clinics (“MaineGeneral Health did not intend to offer ‘privileged access’ to COVID-19 vaccine, official says,” Feb. 3).

The issues involved in setting up vaccination sites for COVID-19 are obviously complex with so much uncertainty regarding how many doses will arrive when and what procedures and policies need to be followed to administer the vaccines safely and accurately (decisions are far more complex than for other immunizations).

I am a retired M.D., over 70 and in a “high risk” group. I was one of the fortunate ones who received a dose at MaineGeneral Feb. 1, and while I was waiting, I noted that everyone in line was a person I know; they were retired MaineGeneral caregivers or spouses who 10 years ago would have been on the front lines taking care of COVID-19 patients as nurses, doctors, hospital administrators or other hospital personnel. All were solidly “middle class” central Mainers and not “fat cats” or super rich. Most of us are “privileged” because we live in central Maine and are “white” and are citizens of a wonderful country.

It was a good group of people to test out MaineGeneral’s vaccination procedures and help provide feedback that will ensure general public vaccination runs smoothly. I hope future coverage of MaineGeneral is less hostile and confrontational and more collegial and cooperative.


Kevin Kane


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