The half-page advertisement “Behold the Mighty Rain Drop” paid for by Hydro-Quebec (Morning Sentinel, Feb. 2) is yet one more attempt to deceive the people of Maine. While the ad does not clearly state the power from the proposed corridor will be for Maine residents, the implication is clearly there. Only a discerning reader would note the absence of specifics. “Well, just a half-inch of rainfall in northern Quebec can produce enough energy to power every home in Maine for six months.” Scientifically this may, in fact, be true; however, don’t be deceived by this blatant green-washing. Nothing about New England Clean Energy Connect will benefit Maine and “help Maine take significant strides toward reducing its fossil fuel consumption” as the ad claims.

Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power have spent over $23 million trying to convince Maine people that this project is a good idea. Maine people know the truth. That is why over 100,000 Maine residents signed the latest petition to let us vote. We want a say in what happens to our state. We do not want to have our forests bisected for power lines. All to benefit the people of Massachusetts.

Don’t fall for this propaganda: Nothing about this proposal will benefit the environment or the people of Maine. Also worth noting: the headquarters for Clean Energy for Maine is located in Connecticut.


Linda Woods


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