L.C. Bates Museum in Hinckley has Kid’s Kits that are being assembled and distributed to second- and fourth-grade students through schools. They also can be picked up by families at the museum, but families must call ahead to arrange a time to receive their kits. Nature Nuggets videos support the kits activities and are available online.

The kits include crafts created by community organizations including FedCap and Living Innovations, according to the museum’s February newsletter.

The museum’s summer art exhibition, Marks and Tracks, will open May 8. Because of the virus, it is still unclear if the museum will have reopened to the public to allow for an in-person exhibition. If not, the exhibit will be held virtually. The Marks and Tracks exhibit includes the work of contemporary artists from Maine.

According to the newsletter, the museum is working to start developing new Forest Kid’s Kits, Nature Nuggets and trail side activities by spring. They will be designed to support classes and families who walk the forest trails behind the museum. The activities will focus building knowledge about the Maine woods. Colby College JanPlan students are making gallery tours on marine animals and biodiversity that will be able to be enjoyed by family and school visitors. The museum is working toward developing virtual gallery tours in the museum. They will include tours of the Hubbard habitat dioramas and mineral collections.

Volunteers are needed to pick up along the trails, assemble kits and research museum objects and their labels. Except for the trail work, all the activities can be completed at home during the pandemic. Those who have time to help can contact the museum.

Also, the Good Will-Hinckley Nature Trails and picnic tables are open to visitors.

For more information, call 207-238-4250, email [email protected], visit gwh.org/lcbates or find the museum on Facebook.