As a lifelong resident of central Maine, raised on a farm in Pittston, I know Senate District 14 well. It’s because of my love of this district, my home, that I am endorsing Craig Hickman for state Senate.

When Craig Hickman speaks, everyone stops to listen. He’s prepared, brilliant, passionate, and powerful. Craig is a great speaker, but he’s way more than that.

When you ask Craig how he was continually re-elected in a rural Maine district as a Black gay man, he tells you it’s because he feeds his constituents — and he does, at every local fundraising event you will see Craig cooking for the people. Craig Hickman is a chef, but he’s more than that.

Craig is a true public servant. He communicates with his constituents. He listens. He calls them back. He tells them the truth even when they disagree with him. Craig is a worker-bee, unstoppable – but he’s more than that.

Craig is a husband and he’s a friend to many, including former Gov. Paul LePage. Craig is a son – an adopted son to a man and woman who loved him and raised him with wisdom and insight and patience. Craig is an amazing central Maine farmer. But he’s more than that.

So, Craig is a great speaker, an amazing chef, a true public servant, a son, a husband, a good friend to have, a farmer … what’s more than all this?


Craig is a good person. Craig is a person who does what’s right even when no one is watching. He does what’s right even when it’s hard and even when other people don’t want him to.

Craig Hickman is exactly who we want representing us in Augusta. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Craig Hickman on March 9.


Rep. Charlotte Warren


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