My years of living in South Carolina gave me a different perspective of this nation’s struggle with accepting its responsibility with its past and present racial inequality. The nation still carries a heavy chain that holds it back from reaching the great summit we all know we are capable of.

It is a chain that was forged with links of lies that have been told over generations for over 400 years. Lies told to young children: “You can’t play with them, they are not like us!” Lies told in churches, and by politicians who peddle fear over love of your fellow man.

The only way I know how to break away this chain is with truth. Read your history books and you will see the links of lies. Our Founding Fathers knew that during their era, they were incapable of granting equality to all men.

But they also knew that great nations can overcome these obstacles on their way to “a More Perfect Union.”


Tom Turner


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